IRS Tax Problems & Solutions

Are you receiving collection letters from the IRS or have your wages been garnished by the IRS or the State of Iowa? Has the IRS or State of Iowa filed tax liens against you? Do you need help with dealing with the IRS? We can help you with your tax problems.

There’s nothing magical about dealing with the IRS, getting a wage garnishment order suspended or removing a lien. No one has a special relationship with the IRS that can negotiate you a special deal despite what you may have heard or seen on late night TV. What it comes down to is knowing the rules the IRS plays by and how to use those rules to your advantage.

If you meet specific IRS guide lines we can get the IRS to stop all collection actions and release your wage garnishment within a few days. Other times we can help you settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar but it is not magic and not everyone will qualify for a reduced tax settlement.

It is not a crime to owe the IRS money. And some times the IRS may say that you owe them more than you really do. Often this kind of problem can be solved by bringing us your IRS notices and letting KJH Accounting deal with the IRS for you.

Call or email us for an appointment to explore your options. There is no charge for the initial half hour appointment to determine if we can be of service to you.

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